• Our products are pure and natural.
  • We purposely use ingredients that are not refined, pasteurized, chemically treated or materially altered.
  • As a result, our products retain their natural nutritive factors and enzymes.
  • In most cases, we remove only the fiber and water from our food ingredients, resulting in products that arrive to the consumer in as near a natural state as possible.
  • The cereal grasses are grown in organically and biologically treated soil. No chemical fertilizers of any kind are used.
  • We process the bentonite in our Detoxificant to remove the clay, mica, and surface dirt to enrich the active drawing agent, montmorillonite.
  • We use amber glass bottles, where applicable, to maintain and preserve the quality and potency of the product.
  • We remove the oxygen and replace it with nitrogen to preserve the potency and freshness as well as maintain the "live enzyme factors" of the food.
  • For over 60 years we have owned and operated our own production facilities and maintained strict quality control.